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25 lb container
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Foal-Lac Pellets are an equine milk supplement offering balanced protein and other essential nutrients for growth in foals.  As a supplement to the foal’s creep ration, Foal-Lac Pellets provide milk nutrients to nursing foals at a time when its mare’s milk declines in quantity and quality.  Foal-Lac Pellets have been a valuable supplement for mares and foals for over 30 years.  25 lb container.

  • Milk based formula
  • Highly palatable. Foals eat the pellets readily
  • Balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio
  • Pelleted
  • Provides easily digested milk protein and nutrients
  • Easily mixed into the foal’s ration, no waste
  • Aids in transition from milk to grain ration

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One cup of pellets weighs 6.4 oz. One cup measuring device enclosed.

Orphaned/Early Weaned Foals

Age of foal

Reconstituted Foal-Lac Powder

Foal-Lac Pellets

(use cup scoop enclosed)

Daily 16% protein foal feed

1-14 days

According to directions on the Foal-Lac Powder container, reconstituted Foal-Lac is gradually decreased for weaning at 8 weeks



2-3 weeks

1 cup

1/2 lb.

3-4 weeks

1 cup

1/2 lb.

4-5 weeks

2 cups

3/4 lb.

5-6 weeks

3 cups

1 lb.

6-7 weeks

4 cups

1 lb.

7-8 weeks

5 cups

1 1/2 lbs.

2-3 months

Wean from liquid Foal-Lac

6 cups

2 lbs.

3-4 months

6 cups

3 lbs.

4-5 months

3 cups

4 lbs.

5-6 months

3 cups

5 lbs.

Good quality tender hay, salt and water should be provided free choice starting at 10 days of age.

Consult your veterinarian for immunization, parasite control programs and for any sign of illness.


Feed a 14% protein roughage/grain ration. If extra condition is desired, feed 1 to 3 cups of Foal-Lac Pellets daily.


Gestation: Depending on condition of mare, supplement the mare’s ration with 1 to 3 cups of Foal-Lac Pellets daily during the last 3 months of gestation. Most of the fetal development occurs at this time, and the mare’s nutrient requirement increases accordingly. Do not allow the mare to become fat.

Lactation: To help ensure adequate milk production, supplement the ration with 3 cups of Pellets daily. If the mare begins to lose weight, gradually increase to a maximum of 6 cups daily.

Breeding Stallions

During breeding season supplement the stallions ration with 1 to 3 cups of Pellets daily to maintain condition.

Performance Horses

Supplement the ration with 1 to 3 cups of Pellets daily to maintain condition.


Dried whey, soy flour, animal fat and vegetable fat (preserved with BHA and mixed tocopherols), dried skimmed milk, dried corn syrup, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, L-lysine, potassium chloride, DL-methionine, natural and artificial flavors, vitamin E supplement, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, vitamin B12 supplement, calcium pantothenate, niacin supplement, riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, biotin, sodium selenite.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, min


Milk Protein, min


Crude Fat, min


Crude Fat, max


Crude Fiber, max


Ash, max


Calcium, min


Phosphorus, min


Copper, min

30.0 ppm

Selenium, min

0.1 ppm

Magnesium, min


Iron, min

125.0 ppm

Manganese, min

80.0 ppm

Iodine, min

0.9 ppm

Fluorine, max

15.0 ppm

Zinc, min

50,0 ppm

Vitamin A, min

33,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D3, min

3,000 IU/kg

Vitamin E, min

79 IU/kg