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10 - 1ml doses
# 349.23010.1
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Flu Avert IN Vaccine is a unique, intranasal, modified-live equine influenza vaccine that is safe and effective against North American and Eurasian strains of the equine influenza virus. It is intended for the vaccination of healthy horses, 11 months of age or older, as an aid in the reduction of clinical disease and viral shedding caused by equine influenza viruses of both the American and Eurasian lineages. Contains 10 vials (1 dose each) of lyphilized vaccine, 10 vials (1mL) of sterile diluent, and 10 nasal applicators.

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Instructions: Keep refrigerated at a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees F (2 - 7 degrees C). Store out of direct sunlight. Use the entire contents of the vaccine after reconstitution. Do not vaccinate pregnant animals. Burn containers after use. In rare instances, reactions may occur due to unusual sensitivity following the administration of vaccines. In such cases, administer epinephrine as an antidote. Vaccine recommended to be administered by a veterinarian or a trained technician. A small number of horses may experience mild post-vaccination side effects including slight nasal discharge. These signs should clear in a few days without additional treatment. A new applicator should be used to vaccinate each horse. No needles are necessary to administer the vaccine. This vaccine is NOT intended for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. For primary immunization, a single dose is required in horses 11 months of age or older. Horses vaccinated at less than 11 months of age should be given a dose of the vaccine at age 11 months. Revaccination every six months is recommended. Horses at high risk of exposure may benefit from revaccination every three months.

Ingredients: Lyophilized preparation containing an attenuated, cold-adapted, viable equine influenza virus type H3N8 strain (EIV A/Equine 2/Kentucky/91). Contains no preservatives.